Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery allows students to recover credits that they have failed .  Students obtain Credit Recovery forms from their counselor.  Counselors will identify courses the students need to complete.  Students are allowed to complete one course at a time.  Students are given 4-6 weeks to complete the course.   


The cost for Credit Recovery is $150 per half credit.  Parents/Guardians are responsible for payment.  Payment is not due until the credit is completed.  Students will not receive credits until complete payment is made.   Students on Free and reduced lunch are charged $75 per half credit.  


The curriculum is delivered through Edgenuity web-based courses with teacher support.   Students  are required to take notes in a notebook.  Notebooks are provided by the SLC.  Notebooks must be turned in at the end of the final to receive a grade. 


Students attend every night Monday through Thursday during their assigned time.   Credit Recovery has 2 sessions.  Session I starts at 4:00 pm and finishes at 6:00 pm.   Session II starts at 6:00 pm and finishes at 8:00 pm.  Students attend either session I or Session II.  If computers are available, students may  work during the other session.  
 Students arriving late or leaving early must  check in at the office.   On the 5th unexcused absence, the students account will be shut off until a parent comes in and explains why attendance has become an issue.  On the 6th unexcused absence, the student can be dis-enrolled and will forfeit any money that has been paid. 

Student Handbook

Credit Recovery is an extension of the high school campus.  All rules and regulations that are in the student handbook apply to the Secondary Learning Center.