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The information and forms on this page are intended to be a centralized resource for students, teachers, and parents with interest in the Rio Rancho Public Schools Student Research Expo. Any RRPS high school or middle school student interested in entering the competition is required to have a RRPS teacher, familiar with the requirements of the competition, as their sponsor. Please talk to your school science teacher or department head for more details.

RRPS SRC Forms - 2019
: The three forms below are required for ALL RRPS Expo projects. The ISEF forms that follow may or may not be required depending upon the student's project.  

 Ethics In Research Expo Registration
 Media Consent  


ISEF Forms - 2019:  Form1, Form 1A, Form 1B, and a completed research plan are required for ALL RRPS Expo projects. The other ISEF forms may or may not be required.

 Form 1: Checklist for Adult Sponsor / Safety Assessment Form  Form 1A: Student Checklist / Research Plan
 Form 1B: Approval Form

Form 1C: Regulated Research Institutional / Industrial Setting Form

 Form 2: Qualified Scientist Form

Form 3: Risk Assessment Form

Form 4: Human Participants and Informed Consent Form

Sample Informed Consent Statement

Form 5: Vertebrate Animal Form (5A and 5B)

Form 6A: Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Form

Form 6B: Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue Form


Form 7: Continuation Projects Form

All ISEF Forms.  Select this link if you would like a PDF of ALL of the ISEF forms that can be directly edited. Download may take a moment. Note: you will not need to complete all of these forms. Only complete those that apply to your project.

Full ISEF Rules. Click here if you would like to see all of the official rules for ISEF. RRPS follows these rules in order to allow eligible students to move on to Regional, State, and International competitions.


11 Sep: last day for human subjects petition submission

09 Oct: last day for 1st submission of vertebrate animals projects SRC paperwork - resubmissions can be done after this date.

16 Oct: last day for 1st submission of human subjects projects SRC paperwork - resubmissions can be done after this date.

14 Nov: Regeneron Science Talent Search application deadline. Students directly apply to compete. Not a school chaperoned event. Click here for details.

27 Nov: last day for ANY SRC paperwork! DO NOT WAIT until the last day or even the last couple of days. Any errors will mean you cannot resubmit.

16 Jan: project set up in the RRHS
 aux gym, from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm.

17 Jan: ***EXPO***

22 Jan: Awards ceremony - RRHS Performing Arts Center (PAC), 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

01-02 Mar: JSHS (Junior Science and Humanities Symposium) Students directly apply to compete. Not a school chaperoned event. Click here for details.

10 Mar: Junior Academy of Sciences Paper Competition application deadline. Students directly apply to compete. Click here for details.

21-23 Mar: Regional Competition - by invitation only from the January 17 RRPS EXPO. (Mar 21 - setup, Mar 22 - competition, Mar 23 - awards) Click here for details.

05-06 Apr: State Competition - by invitation only from the March 22 Regional Competition. (5 Apr - setup, 6 Apr - competition and awards) Click Here for details.

RRPS NON-EXPO: The form and information below are for students who are doing a student research project as part of a class requirement, but who are NOT intending to enter their project into the RRPS Expo.

         RRPS Non-Expo Review Form

Note: Teachers review their own students' NON-Expo research projects for safety and ethics concerns. As a result, the deadline(s) for submissions are up to individual teachers. NO human subjects, vertebrate animals, microbiological, or controlled substance projects are allowed for NON-Expo research. For any questions please contact Rob Keeney.

The Faculty Advisor for the RRPS Science Review Committee involving EXPO is Rob Keeney.
Phone:  RRHS x53303; 962-9303 when calling from outside the campus.
Email:  rob.keeney@rrps.net 

Last updated: 15 Aug, 2018