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email: lindsay.mount@rrps.net

Infant Room: ext. 560
Toddler Room: ext. 301
Preschool Room: ext. 562
Pre-K Room: ext. 561

Dear Parents,

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, we have much going on!  It is the month of friendship which we will honor with discussions, stories, projects and encouragement on how to show love to friends.  Below is a note from your child's teachers on what's happening in their classroom.

We will have a Valentine's Day Celebration in all the classrooms on Valentine's Day.  A class roster for the valentine exchange and a food sign up sheet will be posted next to the sign in/out book in your child's classroom.

Spring pictures this year are scheduled for May 3rd.  MJ Thomas Photography has assured me that pictures will be ready within a week of being taken.  I will send out more information as it gets closer.

Library is every Monday.  Please remember to return your child's library books by Friday of each week.

Ms. Suzette will continue to volunteer on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-2:00 and Ms. Solana on Thursdays from 3:00-5:00. They are here to help and support the teachers while engaging with the children by reading, playing, and singing.

Thank you for all you do, and for helping make Enchanted Mesa what it is!

I'm always happy to help.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


February Classroom News

Infant Room - Ms. Sam, Ms. Deb & Ms. Dani  

For the month of February, we will be working on some valentine crafts and play in shaving cream!  The babies really seem to enjoy songs and finger-plays during our large motor time. We will also have some special treats for our little ones. Holidays are always a fun time for all!

Toddler Room - Ms. Heatherlyn, Ms. Yolanda, Ms. Heather & Ms. Melissa  

Hello, from the Toddler Room! This month we are going to celebrate Groundhog Day and Valentine's Day!  We will have a Valentine's Day party and a valentine exchange. The children will be making containers for their valentine cards. We'll be reading, Don't Let The Pigeon Drive Bus and singing, Wheels On The Bus.

-Ms. Heatherlyn, Ms. Heather, Ms. Melissa and Ms Yolanda


Nursery Rhyme:
  Little Miss Muffet

Preschool Room - Ms. Amelia & Ms. Renee

Hello everyone,

First, Ms. Mia (Amelia) and Ms. Renee would like to say thank you for entrusting your precious children with us.

We would like to let you know about some new and exciting changes that are taking place in our room.

I’m sure you noticed that the furniture has been moved around! It has been a very positive and exciting change for our little friends, along with this we have incorporated some new art boards and a family tree. We are trying to make art and other learning projects more exciting and fun by displaying them and giving them something to be proud of.

Something else that we have been able to do is sit down together and plan our themes for the remainder of the year. In doing this we feel like we can spend more time focusing on learning and less time trying to come up with the next idea. One major area of study we will be focusing on is name recognition which will take place every Wednesday in way of various art projects.

We are happy to report that since January 23rd 2017 every single one of our friends have napped and have displayed their architectural skills by building airplanes, trains, houses, other buildings and cars out of different materials including popsicle sticks and paper.

For February, we will be focusing on Valentines, Friends, Family, and “All about me”. Look forward to seeing some great expressions of creativity and love from your kiddos! This will include a food project and a valentine’s party on valentine’s day. Valentine cards are welcome and encouraged but not mandatory. There will be a treat sign-up sheet posted by the check in and out book by Monday February 6, 2017. We would like to incorporate a small monthly birthday celebration for our birthday kids. This will take place one day a month with treats provided by us. We would love your input and permission on this. So please let us know!!!

A friendly reminder that our family tree will be a part of our monthly curriculum for February so if you have not brought in a family picture or pictures please remember to do so!!!

Thank you for being so patient with all the transitions and changes. We are very thankful and excited!!!

 Fun facts:

  1. Everyone tried a new food- Sea weed- everyone liked it except for 2 kids
  2. A lot of our friends are already familiar with their names
  3. They have a new-found love for art projects!!!
  4. They love to sing and dance!
  5. Everyone’s eager to lend a helping hand!

                                                       Thank you, Ms. Mia (Amelia) and Ms. Renee                                                                                      

Show & Tell:  Every Thursday

Nursery Rhyme:
I Like You

Pre-K Classroom - Ms. Anna & Ms. Nicole

Wow! It's amazing how fast January went by.  The kids had so much fun learning about transportation and space.  Now that love, friendship and happiness are in the air for February, we have a lot of fun projects planned.  We will be doing valentine and dinosaur projects.  We are also planning a Valentine's Day party.  Look for a sign up sheet in the classroom.  Projects will include a heart dog, kissing fish and making a valentine bag.  For dinosaur week, the kiddos will be making dinosaur footprints and dinosaur shapes.  We're also planning a dinosaur science project and we'll be watching a dinosaur movie.
Looking into the future, we are in need of 2-liter soda bottles, preferably clear, for our egg hunt baskets.
Thank you,
Ms. Anna & Ms. Nicole

Show & Tell: The fourth Wednesday of each month (These will be themed, so please be sure to check the pre-k board for the theme of the month)

Nursery Rhyme: Humpty, Dumpty

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