About A-F School Grades

A-B-C-D-F gradesNote:  After 2018, the New Mexico Public Education Department discontinued issuing A-F grades for schools and districts.  The state is in the process of developing a different rating and accountability system for schools.  The grades below are from the 2017-18 school year and do not necessarily reflect a school's current status.  

2018 School Grades
2017 School Grades
2016 School Grades
2015 School Grades

The state’s grading system for public schools provides parents with information about school performance.  We would note that the grades defined by the A-F rating system are not the same as a traditional grading scale. The A-F ratings are strongly weighted towards whether test scores show an increase over the previous year, rather than whether a school and its students are already high-achieving.   The achievement test data which makes up a large portion of a school's grade is principally based on the very rigorous PARCC examinations in English language arts and math.  
Letter grades are but one indicator of how schools and students are doing.  We encourage parents with questions about test scores, grades, and programs at specific schools to contact their child's teacher or principal and make an appointment to discuss the information.