School Grades, Achievement Test Results, and Graduation Rates

Child Testing

The State of New Mexico rates schools and reports the results to the public on a scale of A-F. The state also still reports the percentages of students deemed to have demonstrated proficiency on the state achievement tests in reading and math. The percentages of students deemed proficient are part of the school grades calculation but do not directly correlate to the grades.
To learn more about the grading system and to view grades and percentages of students deemed proficient for Rio Rancho schools, see below!

Report CardSchool Grades and Standardized Tests

The A-F school grading system uses an evolving and complex formula to determine a school's grade.  Overall, Rio Rancho students at all schools and grade levels continue to perform above the state averages in some cases well above state averages. Our teachers, principals, and school district staff use the information to help them improve curriculum and teaching. 

Many factors make up a good school, and the grade is just one indicator of a school's quality. We encourage parents to look beyond the label to determine how well a school is educating their children.

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Graduation hat and diplomaGraduation Rates
Rio Rancho's mission statement directly addresses the importance of students finishing high school: "RRPS is dedicated to graduating each student with an educational foundation for success as a responsible, ethical member of society." While we still have plenty of room for improvement, Rio Rancho high schools' graduation rates are among the highest for large high schools in the state.

Act testsACT Scores
About 60% of Rio Rancho students take the ACT, the college entrance exam accepted by most regional higher education institutions. Overall, students score at or above the national average on the ACT. Percentages of students deemed "college ready" similarly are near to or above the national average.

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