Curriculum & Instruction

The RRPS Curriculum & Instruction Department is dedicated to the success of all students and teachers and is committed to excellence in teaching and learning.  Collaborating with an incredibly talented instructional staff, the curriculum & instruction department focuses on research-based instructional best practices and works to provide a rigorous curriculum designed to engage and ignite learning opportunities for all students.  

The C&I office is located in the C&I Center, 500 Laser Road Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Phone : 505-896-0667 Fax : 505-994-4135

Curriculum and Instruction

 Exec. Director of Elizabeth Jacome Jacome, Elizabeth
505-896-0667 x51360
Executive Director of
Elementary C&I 

 Picture of Executive Director LaJuana Coleman Coleman, LaJuana
505-896-0667 x51359
Executive Director of Secondary C&I   
   Love, Rebecca
505-896-0667 x51360
Admin Assistant of Elementary C&I
505-896-0667 x51358

Admin Assistant of Secondary C&I
 Picture of Karen Delay  Delay, Karen
505-896-0667 x51362
Elementary Math Instructional Coach
 Instructional Coach Ann Arnold  Arnold, Ann
505-896-0667 x51323
Secondary Instructional Coach
 Picture of Michelle Mounger Mounger, Michelle
505-896-0667 x51352
Elementary Instructional Coach
 Picture of Tanya Baker Baker, Tanya
505-896-0667 x51364
Secondary Instructional Coach
 Picture of Christy Quesada Quesada, Christy
505-896-0667 x51361
Elementary Instructional Coach

 Instructional Coach Nicole Erdelyi  Erdelyi, Nikki
505-896-0667 x51365
Secondary Instructional Coach
Picture of Heidi Werling

Werling, Heidi
505-896-0667 x51367
Elementary English Language Arts Coach,
National Board Certified Teacher

 Instructional Coach Jeanette Gonzales Gonzales, Jeanette
505-896-0667 x51363

Secondary Instructional Coach
 Picture of Sonia Trujillo Trujillo, Sonia
505-896-0667 x51350
Special Education Instructional Coach
 Instructional Coach Kristin Oliver  Oliver, Kristin
505-896-0667 x51366
Secondary Instructional Coach