All About Our Department

Our administrative offices and the Transportation Center are located at 821 Moccasin Dr NE. You can reach us at 338-0078.
Meet the folks who keep this district rolling!
Maurice Ross
Executive Director

Activities/Payroll Manager
Ext. 107
Thea Currier
Financial Coordinator
Ext. 100
John Francis
Assistant Director/Safety & Security

Liz Aldaz
Activities Lead Driver
Mike Martinez
Assistant Director/Special Services Transport

Jerry Doerr
Mechanic and Shop Supervisor
Greg Polanco
Information Analyst/Information & Technology Manager

Albert Esquibel
Mechanic Technician
Jerry Salas
Senior Safety Specialist Ext. 106

Terry Sneed
Standby Driver/Mechanic Assistant
Jason Martinez
Safety Specialist Ext. 208

​Bill Buschardt
Mechanic Technician
Valerie Rue
Administrative Assistant

Tony Garcia
Assistant Dispatcher