RRPS Board Policies

The revised RRPS Policy Manual is now in effect! 

The board has recently approved the following policies which can now be viewed in the RRPS policy manual: 

  • Policy 426 Release Time for Religious Instruction
  • Policy 427 Homebound Instruction
  • Policy 621 Insurance Coverage for Facilities and Employees
  • Policy 916 Use of School District Vehicles
  • Policy 917 Records Retention and Disposition
  • Policy 918 Flag Display and Pledge of Allegiance
  • Policy 1031 Emergency Medication and Life-Threatening Allergies
  • Policy 1032 Employment Certificates

The board still has Policy 622, Student Fees, under consideration pending a report to the board scheduled in October.  Until the board takes final action, the provisions of Policy 515, Student Fees, from the old policy manual remain in effect.   

RRPS Policy Manual

The RRPS Board of Education thanks everyone who provided input and comment during the development of the new policy manual.       
For reference only: 

Former RRPS policy manual: policies no longer in effect.