Can My Child Continue to Attend His/Her Current School?

Parents in the affected area who would like their student to remain at his/her current school will need to file a transfer application with the district prior to March 27, 2020.  Parents should keep in mind that the district cannot provide transportation for transfer students and must be prepared to take responsibility for getting their children to and from school.  

Maggie Cordova, MLK, and Sandia Vista will grandfather students who will be in fifth grade next year (current fourth graders) and whose parents wish them to stay at their current school.  However, parents MUST file a transfer application before 3/27/20 letting the school know they want their child to stay at their current school. 

Maggie Cordova and Sandia Vista will accept transfer requests from parents of students in grades K-3 who wish their students to remain at their current school. These requests MUST be submitted by 3/27/20.  Except in extenuating circumstances, MLK will be unable to accommodate transfer requests for K-3 students because of upcoming construction which will require the district to close sections of the building.