RRPS calendars for the 2020-21 school year

Preliminary Draft Calendar for 2020-21
Posted on 03/06/2020

Calendar graphicThe DRAFT calendar linked below is to provide an early indication of what the calendar might look like for the upcoming school year (2020-21).The dates shown here are NOT final and should not be used to make any plans that cannot be changed. 

View the draft calendar here (.pdf)

The district is awaiting results of parent and staff surveys regarding calendar preferences.  Those surveyed were asked whether they would prefer a traditional 182-day school year, an extended year including 10 additional school days, or something closer to a year-round calendar with longer breaks built into the school year.  Also, the Governor has until March 11 to take final action on bills that cold affect the length of the school year. 

Once the survey and legislative outcomes are known, a final calendar will be presented to the Rio Rancho Board of Education for its consideration and action, probably towards the end of March.  We will inform parents when a final calendar is established.  Thank you to everyone for your patience.